“People, Places & Things”
a glossary of HCAW references and resources…

AAA - Area Agency on Aging

ADSA - Aging and Disability Services Administration (within DSHS)

Alliance for Healthy Communities – HCAW’s “sister” organization; our 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, through which we have received a variety of grant funding

BHP - Basic Health Plan. The BHP is a state subsidized plan for Washington residents who make too much money for Medicaid, but not enough to afford to purchase private health insurance.

CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (administers Medicare program, oversees Medicaid)

CN - Certificate of need

DDD - Division of Developmental Disabilities

HCA - Health Care Authority

DSHS - Department of Social and Health Services

DOH - Department of Health

FSL - Facilities and Services Licensing (DOH)

HCQA - Home Care Quality Authority – this is the IP registry

HRSA - Health Recovery Services Administration (new name for MAA)

MAA - Medical Assistance Administration

NAHC - National Association for Home Care

NCQAC - Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission

OFM - Office of Financial Management; home of Governor's budget and health policy staff

PDAC - HCAW's Policy Development and Advocacy Committee

Puget Sound Health Alliance – Coalition of providers, payers, consumers interested in improving the health care system

Qualis Health/QIO (Quality Improvement Organization) – formerly the PRO (Professional Review Organization); provides quality oversight for Medicare providers

Senior Lobby – Coalition of organizations addressing issues of seniors and long-term care

W4A - Washington Association of Area Agencies on Aging

WAPDA – Washington Private Duty Association

Washington Center for Nursing

WSAHCS - Washington State Association of Home Care Services

WSHPCO – Washington State Hospice & Palliative Care Organization

Legislative & Regulatory Lingo…

CR 101 - initial rule filing (preproposal) indicating the subject of the intended rule and invitating participation in its development

CR 102 – notice of public hearing on proposed rule developed during CR 101 process

CR 103 – notice of effective date of rule with final language

RCW – Revised Code of Washington (laws, statutory authority)

WACs – Washington Administrative Code (rules, interpretation of the laws)

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