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The Alliance for Healthy Communities and Home Care Association of Washington are pleased to announce the Readiness Now! campaign, an effort to promote employee personal and professional preparedness for in-home service providers. Encouraging employee preparedness not only increases people’s abilities to fulfill their work responsibilities during a disaster, but also encourages better prepared neighborhoods and communities. Prepared communities are resilient communities.

Readiness Now
! provide agency staff a training program to encourage personal preparedness and rewards their efforts for doing so. The on-line training offers a 12 module program that provides the information needed to be personally prepared. All agencies are encouraged to provide this opportunity for staff to establish an emergency plan for their homes and families.


Each of the modules is represented below. To begin the program, please click the “Start” button at the bottom of the page. After each module, there will be a button located at the bottom of the page titled “Completed.” Click on this button once you have finished the module to continue on to the next step.

If you need to exit and return at a later time, you may do so at any point during the program. Simply log back in to the HCAW website and click on the initial letter below that you wish to complete. This will redirect you to the corresponding module, and you may continue the training.

R—Risk nothing with fire safety

E—Exercise precaution with home hazards

A—Action plans

D—Drop, cover, and hold procedures

I—Important documents

N—Never forget a 72-hour comfort kit

E—Extended events


S—Safety of utilites

N—Nothing under your bed except essentials

O—Out of area contact