2017 HCAW Annual Awards Nominations

  • 01 Feb 2017
  • 23 Mar 2017
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2017 HCAW Annual Awards        

Now is the time to write about your employees or volunteers in home care, home health, or hospice whose service is deserving of honor and recognition. Your staff, colleagues and volunteers deserve our praise.  These are the individuals who make your company better by being a part of it. The hardest working contributors to the in-home service industry justly deserve this recognition. These are the people who truly make a difference in the lives of others. These individuals are our quiet heroes who go unnoticed.  Let us honor and award them.

 As you write your scenario about these people, reach deep into your heart to tell their stories with some specifics: why they are different, why they stand out, and why they deserve this prestige’s recognition.  The more heartfelt a submission is, the better chance that person has in being chosen. 

 Applications must be completed by a member in your agency and submitted to HCAW by March 17, 2017. 
Each agency may submit only one nominee
per category.  The Awards Committee will review the nominations and choose one winner from each category.  The awards will be presented at a special luncheon on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 during our Spring Conference. If you want a real treat, be sure to attend the luncheon to feel the excitement, witness the humility, and see the pride on the faces of the recipients and their respective agencies. On this day everyone is a winner!  This day makes all of us proud!

 2017 Categories are:

 PHYSICIAN of the Year – Name that special doctor who promotes and supports your organization and our industry. 

 PATTY MULHERN NURSE of the Year Award – Give recognition to the RN or LPN field staff whose service is exemplary; honoring the spirit of Patty Mulhern and her passion for home health.

 THERAPIST of the Year - Choose an OT, PT, ST, or MSW who performs his/her duties in an outstanding manner.

 HOME CARE AIDE of the Year – Find the CNA, Personal Care Aide, or Respite Worker who is a complete standout.

VOLUNTEER of the Year – Give acknowledgment to that cherished person who gives that most special gift of time.

 MANAGER/SUPERVISOR of the Year – Describe the unique person who has contributed significantly to the success of your organization as a leader and/or mentor.  

 SUPPORT STAFF of the Year - Commend the medical records/health information personnel, receptionist, customer service staff, or assistant who stands out beyond all others. 

 HERO of the Year – Send us your story about an ordinary person who has performed extraordinary actions.

 COMMUNITY SERVICE PERSON of the Year – Choose that special person who may not work for your organization, but continually helps your agency stay successful and true to your mission & vision.

Submit a person in the industry that has made a real difference for the 2017 Annual Awards

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