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    • 03 Jun 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 05 Jun 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 3 sessions
    • Providence Home Services King County, 2811 S 102nd St, Suite 220, Tukwila, WA 98168

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    Linda Krulish
    Linda is a physical therapist with a Masters in Health Sciences. She has worked in the home health industry since 1988, is a nationally recognized expert on OASIS, the Hospice Item Set, and quality measurement and improvement. She also serves the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and its contractors, assisting in home health and hospice quality measures development, data set refinement and maintenance and updating of Guidance Manuals and other key provider education resources for the Hospice Item Set and OASIS. She provides oversight and subject matter expertise to manage contracts for CMS’ Home Health Quality Reporting Program, CMS’ Hospice Quality Reporting Program, and the CMS Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Technical Assistance Contract. She served as the President and a Founding Member of the OASIS Certificate and Competency Board (OCCB) and continues to oversee the COS-C Exam as Chair of the Exam Review Task Force. Linda is President and Founder of OASIS Answers, Inc.

    Wendy Anemaet
    Wendy is a physical therapist since 1989 with experience in home health, acute care, rehab, outpatient, and skilled nursing. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Physical Therapy at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Wendy is a Geriatric Clinical Specialist (GCS) and Certified Wound Specialist (CWS), has a Geriatric Training Certificate (GTC) and serves on the editorial board of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. She has co-authored books on home health rehabilitation and has published hundreds of articles on home health therapy in peer-reviewed and trade publications. She provides training nationally on geriatric strengthening, wound assessment and management, falls prevention, and competency testing for home health physical therapists on the drug regimen review and pharmacology. Wendy holds the Certificate for OASIS Specialist-Clinical (COS-C) designation and is a Senior Associate Consultant with OASIS Answers, Inc.


    Workshop Registration
    Please note registration will not be considered complete until payment has been received. 

       Early Bird
    (ends 5/6/20)
     HCAW Members  $475  $500
     Non-Members  $550

    Exam Registration
    To sit for the exam on June 5, 2020 you will need to register separately through OASIS Answers. The paper and pencil exam will be held in the same location as the workshop.

    Register for the Exam


    Fees will be refunded only if written cancellation is received by HCAW on or before May 20, 2020. No refunds after May 20, 2020 but substitutions welcome. In the event of a written cancellation, HCAW will retain $30 of the initial fee to cover administrative overhead.


    Both the 2-day workshop and exam will be held: 

    Providence Home Services King County
    2811 S 102nd St, Suite 220
    Tukwila, WA 98168
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12 Sep 2019 The Aide’s Role in Advance Directives & Patient Rights
12 Sep 2019 NAHC PDGM: Coding In Depth
12 Sep 2019 CMS Practical Application of Telehealth/Telemonitoring in Home Health
11 Sep 2019 Coding Update for FY 2020
10 Sep 2019 Critical Conversations in LBGTQ & End of Life Care
29 Aug 2019 CMS Annual TPS & Payment Adjustment Report – Reflecting on Performance Years 1-3s
22 Aug 2019 Hospice Coding – New and Changed ICD-10 CM Codes Effective 10/01/2019
21 Aug 2019 ICD-10 CM Code Updates
20 Aug 2019 Decisional Capacity: How to Determine Who Can Decide What
15 Aug 2019 NAHC PDGM: Electronic Medical Record Readiness
13 Aug 2019 Beginner Coders Series
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25 Jul 2019 CMS Review of New and Updated HHVBP Resources
24 Jul 2019 CMS Primary Care First Seriously Ill Population Webinar
11 Jul 2019 The Aide’s Role in Client Centered Care
11 Jul 2019 NAHC PDGM Clinical Management – Part I & II
10 Jul 2019 CMS Primary Care First Seriously Ill Population Webinar
27 Jun 2019 CMS Patient/Family Centered Approaches to Enhance Assessment, Goal Setting, and Improve Patient Engagement
20 Jun 2019 HHQI Cardiovascular Health Improvement Initiative Update
18 Jun 2019 PDGM and the Role of the Clinical Manager: Do You Really Know How to Manage?
13 Jun 2019 The Aide's Role in Understanding CVA's
13 Jun 2019 CMS How to Conduct Workforce Model Needs Assessment
03 Jun 2019 OASIS D: Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy
23 May 2019 CMS Interdisciplinary Care Teams to Improve Home Health Care Delivery Part 2
15 May 2019 The Art of Creating and Facilitating Grief Groups
09 May 2019 The Aide's Role in Understanding Legal Issues for the Nurse Assistant
02 May 2019 NAHC: PDGM Practical Overview
02 May 2019 HCAW Annual Awards Nominations
30 Apr 2019 HCAW 2019 Annual Conference Exhibitor Registration
30 Apr 2019 HCAW 2019 Annual Conference
25 Apr 2019 Interdisciplinary Care Teams to Improve Home Health Care Delivery Part 1
25 Apr 2019 The Hospice PEPPER Report
18 Apr 2019 Lessons Learned from Value-Based Purchasing
11 Apr 2019 CMS Data and Tools to Identify Opportunities to Reduce ACH/ED Use
11 Apr 2019 Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
08 Apr 2019 WCEI Skin and Wound Care Management Course
04 Apr 2019 *FREE* An Overview of PDGM: Preparing for 2020
28 Mar 2019 CMS Bridging the Care Transitions Gap between Hospital and Home through Physician – Home Health Clinician Communication
27 Mar 2019 *FREE* Fazzi PDGM Readiness Webinar Clinical Groupings, Case Management and LUPAs
26 Mar 2019 What Have We Learned About Emergency Preparedness?
21 Mar 2019 Top 5 Survey Deficiencies & How to Avoid Them: Assessment and Care Planning
20 Mar 2019 Medication Appropriateness, Management & Safety - Part 4
19 Mar 2019 Progress Through People: Planning for and Managing Times of Transition
19 Mar 2019 The IRS Is Issuing New ACA Penalties To Home Health & Hospice Agencies
19 Mar 2019 The IRS Is Issuing New ACA Penalties To Home Health & Hospice Agencies
14 Mar 2019 The Aide’s Role in Infection Prevention & Control
14 Mar 2019 CMS Increasing Patient Function: Linkages to the Two New HHVBP Model Measures in Self-Care and Mobility
13 Mar 2019 Using Data to Move Performance Improvement
12 Mar 2019 The HHA Medicare Cost Report: Compliance, Rate Setting, Benchmarking and What’s New for 2019
06 Mar 2019 CASPER is a Friendly Ghost! Understanding how to run and interpret CASPER reports
27 Feb 2019 *Free* Fazzi Associates PDGM Readiness Webinar Reminder: Referrals and Intake
26 Feb 2019 Co-managing Addiction and Serious Illness
25 Feb 2019 Fazzi Associates Certified OASIS Quality Specialist (COQS) Training
20 Feb 2019 OASIS-D: Checkpoint
14 Feb 2019 The Aide’s Role in Caring for Non-Surgical Orthopedic Patients
12 Feb 2019 CMS Home Health Patient-Driven Groupings Model Call
12 Feb 2019 Functional Assessment & Treatment of COPD Patients: A Primer for Home Care Field Staff
07 Feb 2019 Inservice Program on Marketing
06 Feb 2019 Home Health Disease Management - 4-Part Webinar Series
06 Feb 2019 NAHC PDGM National Summit
06 Feb 2019 HCAW In-Home Services Legislative Day
05 Feb 2019 NAHC: Mastering Management and Calculation of the Hospice Aggregate CAP— What Every Hospice Provider Should Know
30 Jan 2019 Medication Appropriateness, Management & Safety - Part 3
30 Jan 2019 *FREE* Fazzi Associates: Hospice SIA and Best Practices for Quality End of Life Care
29 Jan 2019 NAHC: Getting Onboard with Alternative Payment Models
17 Jan 2019 HHQI Lower-Literacy Approaches: Working with People with Dementia
17 Jan 2019 New for Private Duty Providers: Hot Topics in Labor Law with Bill Dombi and Angelo Spinola Part IV
10 Jan 2019 The Aide’s Role in Ethical Issues Facing Nursing Assistants
10 Jan 2019 2019 WA State of Reform Health Policy Conference
03 Jan 2019 Under the Wire: OASIS D Training
17 Dec 2018 *FREE* Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, 4th edition
13 Dec 2018 The Aide’s Role in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
13 Dec 2018 *FREE* The Story of Air Quality & Cardiovascular Health
12 Dec 2018 Home Health Targeted Probe and Educate and PEPPER Reports
11 Dec 2018 OASIS D - Define, Detail, Discover - 2 Part Webinar Series
05 Dec 2018 Medication Appropriateness, Management & Safety - Part 2
05 Dec 2018 *FREE* Being Seriously Ill in the U.S.: Financial and Health Care Impacts
05 Dec 2018 HR Leadership Series - Part 3: Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
27 Nov 2018 HR Leadership Series - Part 2: Developing Policies & People Skills
19 Nov 2018 Value-Based Purchasing: What's New for 2019?
14 Nov 2018 What Every Case Manager Needs to Know About Revenue Cycle
13 Nov 2018 HCAW Fall Conference Sponsor Program
13 Nov 2018 Fall Conference: Regulatory Updates for Home Health, Palliative Care & Hospice
08 Nov 2018 The Aide's Role in Managing Stress in the Workplace
08 Nov 2018 NAHC Webinar: The CY 2019 Medicare Home Health Final Rule
07 Nov 2018 Improving the Accuracy of Hospice Cost Reporting: The What and The Why of Recent Changes and New Level I Edits
01 Nov 2018 Medicare Compliance: Getting Your Ducks in a Row this Fall - Part 2
23 Oct 2018 Final Home Health Conditions of Participation Interpretive Guidelines
18 Oct 2018 New for Private Duty Providers: Hot Topics in Labor Law with Bill Dombi and Angelo Spinola Part III
18 Oct 2018 Medicare Compliance: Getting Your Ducks in a Row this Fall - 2 Part Webinar Series
11 Oct 2018 The Aide’s Role in HIPAA and Confidentiality
19 Sep 2018 Medication Appropriateness, Management & Safety 4-Part Webinar Series
18 Sep 2018 Coding Update FY 2019 Understand & Apply Changes
13 Sep 2018 The Aide's Role in Quality Improvement in Home Care
29 Aug 2018 QAPI - Ready or Not!
14 Aug 2018 New and Changed ICD-10-CM Codes Effective 10/1/2018
09 Aug 2018 The Aide’s Role in Caring for Older Adults in Home Care
24 Jul 2018 Hospice Provider and Medicare Part D Walk-through
13 Jul 2018 NAHC Webinar on New CMS Proposed Home Health Rule
12 Jul 2018 New for Private Duty Providers: Hot Topics in Labor Law with Bill Dombi and Angelo Spinola Part II
26 Jun 2018 What it Takes to Be the Best Case Manager
18 Jun 2018 Blueprint for Oasis Accuracy Workshop
31 May 2018 Surveys Under the New Conditions of Participation
01 May 2018 OASIS D Snapshot
24 Apr 2018 2018 HCAW Annual Conference
13 Mar 2018 Working Together: Impact of New Nursing Facility Rules on Hospice Providers
28 Feb 2018 Ethical Existential and/or Spiritual Care for Persons of All Faiths and Ideologies: What All Disciplines Can Do
21 Feb 2018 Integrated Care Management (ICM) Competencies Trainer Course
15 Feb 2018 Beyond HIPAA Training: The ABC’s of HIPAA Compliance
13 Feb 2018 Basics of QAPI in the New Home Health CoPs!
09 Feb 2018 2018 Annual Conference Exhibitor Registration
07 Feb 2018 Hospice ADRs
23 Jan 2018 Why Staff Leave & How to Keep/Attract Them
18 Jan 2018 Violence in Home Health Care: Protecting Your Workforce
16 Jan 2018 2018 HCAW Annual Awards Nominations
09 Jan 2018 2018 HH Conditions of Participation Interpretive Guide Webinar Series
12 Dec 2017 The Reformed Conditions of Participation (CoPs) – Are We Ready for Interdisciplinary Care
14 Nov 2017 Do You PEPPER? You Should!
01 Nov 2017 From Frailty to Functionality: Evidence-based Rehabilitation Strategies for Deconditioned Patients
30 Oct 2017 Request for Proposals - 2018 HCAW Annual Conference Presentations
05 Oct 2017 HIPAA Series: Risk Assessment & Annual Training
21 Sep 2017 Care Redesign: Value Beyond the Visit - 2 part webinar series
19 Sep 2017 The Missing Link in Wound Care: Wheelchair Seating and Positioning misconceptions in wound care
11 Sep 2017 Final Rule Home Health Conditions of Participation
07 Sep 2017 Communication in the Hospice World
31 Aug 2017 2018 Proposed Home Health Payment Rule & Home Health Groupings Model
29 Aug 2017 Primary Pediatric Palliative Care Webinar
17 Aug 2017 The Final FY2018 Hospice Rule: A Comprehensive Review of Payment and HQRP Updates Plus Discussion of Comments Webinar
15 Aug 2017 Security & Data Loss Prevention: How to Prepare for Ransomware & Other Cyber Attacks
07 Jun 2017 Blueprint for Oasis Accuracy Workshop
01 Jun 2017 Webinar Series: Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid-Participating Home Health and Hospice Providers
16 May 2017 Peristomal Skin Complications Webinar
25 Apr 2017 2017 HCAW Annual Conference
12 Apr 2017 Outcomes, OASIS and Your Agency Star Ratings Webinar
22 Mar 2017 Live Discharges: Getting It Right! Webinar
01 Feb 2017 2017 HCAW Annual Awards Nominations
27 Jan 2017 Rural Home Health Provider Conference Tuition Scholarship
26 Jan 2017 "Hospice Billing" 3-Part Webinar Series
19 Jan 2017 "Is Your Scheduler 2017 Ready?" Webinar
18 Jan 2017 Disaster Preparedness Regulations- recorded webcast
12 Jan 2017 Who Can Sleep Tight…When Bed Bugs Bite!
13 Dec 2016 Confidently Auditing Therapy Documentation: A Primer for Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement & Clinician Proficiency Webinar
10 Nov 2016 The Aide’s Role in Patient Centered Care Webinar
09 Nov 2016 “Transition to Practice” For New Graduates to Home Health Webinar
27 Oct 2016 "Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR)" Class
17 Oct 2016 WCEI Skin & Wound Management Course
11 Oct 2016 The Most Important Conversation We’re Not Having – Advance Care Planning Webinar
06 Oct 2016 Oral Health for Caregivers: Training of Trainers Workshops
16 Sep 2016 Presentation RFP for the 2017 HCAW Annual Conference
08 Sep 2016 Introduction to Community Paramedicine Webinar
01 Sep 2016 2016 HIPAA – Texting and Emailing Guidelines Webinar
17 Aug 2016 Wound Care Documentation Webinar
21 Jul 2016 How Fast Can You Run & How High Can You Jump? The 2017 HH Payment Hurdles!! Webinar
19 Jul 2016 ICD-10-Coding Updates & Clarifications Webinar
19 Jul 2016 Maintenance Therapy: Effective Operationalizing of the Regulations
08 Jun 2016 Blueprint for Oasis Accuracy
19 Apr 2016 2016 HCAW Annual Conference

Certificates of Completion

Missing or need an electronic copy of your certificate from one of HCAW's events? We've got you covered! Now, you can find your certificate of completion online. Click any of the below events and select your name to save your certificate.

Ongoing Education

Looking for more education opportunities?  We offer several different ways for you to learn more, advance your career, and earn credits - all from the comfort of your office or home!

RCTCLearn.net Online University - members only benefit
To address the diverse education and training needs of today's technology-driven workplace, HCAW has partnered with the Rochester Community and Technical College, Center for Business and Work Force Education to bring you RCTCLEARN.NET, a comprehensive program of internet-based (online) courses. RCTCLEARN.NET is the leader in Internet based training for Home Health Care and Hospice.

Wound Care Education Institute - members only benefit
WCEI is an educational center of excellence supporting 30k+ clinical professionals in all care settings. National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy (NAWCO®) is the national accrediting board for the prestigious Wound Care Certification (WCC®), Diabetic Wound Certification (DWC®) and Ostomy Management Specialist® (OMS) board certifications. NAWCO is the largest and fastest growing group of multidisciplinary wound care certified professionals in the United States.

HHQI University
The Home Health Quality Improvement National Campaign (HHQI) now offers free online learning courses through HHQI University. These educational courses are evidence-based and focus on improving patient outcomes and quality improvement. All courses are free and accessible to everyone who is registered with HHQI.

Infection Prevention Control Toolkit
The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network's (QIN) toolkit contains resources and best practices to help reduce Acute Care Hospitalization (ACH) or Embergency Department (ED) visits related to wound, urinary tract and respiratory infections. The toolkit was developed to meet a gap in infection prevention resources for home health agencies, but can be utilized in all care settings.

Fazzi Associates - limited time offer
To help all agencies impacted by recent disasters and to prepare for others to come, Fazzi Associates are extending complimentary access to their newly developed Emergency Preparedness Training Series for Home Health and Hospice Aides. It’s a small gesture, but one they hope will be valuable to all agencies and their patients.

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