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  • 05 Feb 2019 8:47 AM
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    RN4CNE Newsletter  February 2019

    Dear Christine,

    Last month we talked about developing a personal growth plan to guide you to your goals. Life circumstances may create detours or changes in your plan along the way; however, having a good road map to get you where you want to go in life is essential to success. This month, let’s talk about an important element of a personal growth plan: life values, including your personal values, family values, and professional values. 

    Understanding what makes you uniquely different is what sets you apart from your peers. For example, your personal values may differ from a colleague but you both have the same professional goal of achieving a specialty certification. To be a comprehensive road map, you should clearly define each section of your values: personal, family, and  professional. Making a list of these values will help you develop your core vision and a personal mission statement. 

    Why should you develop a personal mission statement? A personal mission statement can help guide you through tough decisions in personal, family, and work life where your values are challenged. When you meet a crossroads challenge - such as a job role which requires that you work longer hours, moves you to a new city, and/or requires you to obtain a degree - you can consult your personal mission statement and personal growth plan to keep you on the correct path.


    This month, be challenged to think about what you will put into your personal growth plan and create a personal mission statement. What do you value the most? What are you unwilling to compromise in to achieve your goals? Setting your boundaries, knowing your core values, and being able to work within your personal growth plan is key to achieving success in life. 

    We can support you in your personal growth plan. Our leadership programs are designed to give you the vision to be a more effective leader. For specific growth focusing on you, check out the Healthcare Team Leader Certificate Program and Self-Leadership & Team Empowerment

    We hope to see you soon!

    Susan, Diane, and Lisa


    Loan Repayment Program for Substance Use Disorder Workforce

    The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Substance Use Disorder Workforce Loan Repayment Program (SUD Workforce LRP) expands access to evidence-based substance use disorder treatment in underserved, high-need communities across the country. The program offers health care clinicians the opportunity to have their qualifying student loans repaid in exchange for serving at an NHSC-approved SUD site. Award amounts up to $75,000 for three years of full-time work are available. Eligible disciplines include, physicians, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, physician assistants, behavioral health professionals, substance use disorder counselors, registered nurses, and pharmacists. 

    Applicants must be US citizens (born or naturalized) or US Nationals. Clinicians receive priority if they have a DATA 2000 waiver to provide medication-assisted treatment; serve in an opioid treatment program; or are licensed or certified in substance use disorder interventions, such as master’s-level substance use disorder counselors. 

    To learn more about this program, visit the National Health Service Corps. The application deadline is: February 21, 2019.

    Featured Programs Coming Up in March

    Psychotropic Medications: Essentials for Practice

    March 8 & 9, 2019

    This two-day program is designed for nurse practitioners and registered nurses seeking a greater understanding of the common pitfalls in prescribing and managing psychotropic medications. You will explore the role and importance of inflammation in psychiatric disorders and best evidence-based strategies for treating anxiety, mood, psychotic and other disorders. 

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    Health Care Team Leader Certificate

    March 14, 2019

    Unlock your awareness of how your personality traits play a role in your interactions with others. Learn how to adapt your style of communication and delegation to effectively motivate others to accomplish common work goals. This program will prepare you for all types of front-line team leadership positions. 

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    Preceptor-As-Leader Certificate

    March 15, 2019

    Being a preceptor sets an expectation that you are prepared to train the next generation of healthcare workers. Gain the tools and techniques you need to know about your motivations, adult learning characteristics, the barriers and biology associated with learning, how to develop critical thinking, and deliver feedback to your preceptee. 

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    SEVA Stress Release: Part 1 for Self – Care and Part 2 for Others

    March 21, 2019

    Part 1 teaches an acupressure protocol that can be used for self-care for general relaxation and reduction of stress. No experience with bodywork required. Part 2 is a series of practical exercises to demonstrate the protocol. After taking modules one and two, students have enough information and skill to practice easily on themselves, as with family and friends. 

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    Fundamentals of Physical Assessment Skills - February 7th

    This course is designed to provide participants with skills needed to conduct telephone screenings and on-site focused physical examinations.


    Opioid Use Disorder: The BIG Picture  - February 8th

    Explore the history of the opioid crisis and its relationship to addiction, navigate assessment tools and plans of care, including emergency care, to successfully help a client move into lifelong recovery.


    Reiki Level 1 Certification - February 15th

    This activity provides nurses with the opportunity to acquire the theory and hands-on skill needed to discuss Reiki and practice Reiki Level 1 techniques to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and promote healing in self and others.


    Reiki Level 2 Certification - February 16th

    This activity extends the introductory level practice with three Reiki symbols (empowerment, mental/emotional, and distance) that allows the practitioner to connect more deeply to universal energy and to draw upon the qualities that the symbols represent to support healing and expansion in all areas of life.


    12 Lead ECG Interpretation - February 20th in KIRKLAND, WA

    This rapidly moving course will explore 12-lead ECG interpretation beyond basic cardiac ECG rhythms. We will explore the advanced ECG concepts of bundle branch blocks, chamber enlargement, axis deviation, and ST-segment elevation, ST-segment depression and T-wave inversions and their relationship to STEMI and NSTEMI MI’s.


    BLS for Healthcare Providers - February 27th AM

    Certification or recertification in the initial assessment and immediate treatment of patients in respiratory or cardiac distress.


    BLS 2-Hour Renewal for Healthcare Providers - February 27th PM

    This quick paced course is for the busy professional who is versed in BLS concepts.


    Science of ECG Rhythm Recognition - February 28th

    This class is designed for those who need basic cardiac ECG rhythm identification skills.

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